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even though my birthday was a few weeks ago, i didn't know how old i was and had to be reminded i am 27. woaaaah, what? i used to be 18, what happened during 9 years?

if i won the lottery i like to think i would do the most ridiculous things, but not like money bags pham sort of things. for example, i would like to sit in my underwear all day and drink unlimited coffee. not that i don't do this already, but i would be able to do it stress free.

i like to dream that once i validated my winning ticket, i would buy a limosine and have my family and friends all ride with me to moncton to get my cool million. alternatively i also picture making the trip alone and trying to live under the radar for as long as possible. a variation of this to simply not cash it until i absolutely need it - this way i could live stress free without the unwanted publicity up until the last moment when i desperately needed money,

another lottery pipedream is to open up a stables and apple farm combo. i'm frugal once it comes to money, so i feel that once i have my millions i want to keep having millions, hence the stables and farm. the idea is to buy enough land and convert it into horse friendly territory. lots of people have horses but they can't afford to keep it at home, hence folks can stable their horses in my magical horse land. why apples? well i don't know a lot about apple farming, but aside from pesticides and people to pick apples for you, it doesn't sound very hard. so there you go, two ideas to keep my millions. 6/49 here we go!

Dec. 14th, 2010

i have not abandoned livejournal.
just sayin'
Alright, new song for everyone. It took about a dozen tries, but i've finally started liking it. At first listen, it sounds like crappy song you'd hear at the end of a western movie, but it really becomes a good hit after more than one try. The video's not that great, imo, though. Enjoy.

The Friday Five:

Jobs I've had, and other bits of information:

Harvey's Restaurant
Yes, the fast food joint. In 2001 my good friend, Muffin, convinced me to go on a roadtrip to Calgary. Her family was moving there, my grandma lived in cowtown and it would be my first real taste of adventure outside of small town Hampton. So, her parents, half-sister, 1 dog, 2 cats, and a 6+ ft cactus, Cadillac and Jeep with U-Haul in tow made our way through beautiful Canada. We planned for a 6 day trek. It took 9.

It was exciting to finally leave. I had been to Maine, Ontario and Prince Edward Island before, but the anticipation of going to Calgary, Alberta was waaaay more than those places. It was dark when we left, like 10PM on a monday night, so much of New Brunswick was boring and black. But driving through Quebec in the early morning the next day is probably one of the better sites i've ever seen.

On our trip, we stopped for breakfast and supper, and sometimes for something in between. This is where i fell in love with dining out. We laughed so hard at every restaurant, talking about life, love, politics, science and probably equally as boring topics. I'm sure we made a scene at each stop. To this day, there's nothing i'd rather do more than to go out and eat with a group of friends. For me, it was probably the most stress-free i'd ever been. I was truly loving life.

Have you scene a map of Ontario? It's a whale of a province. 4 days driving through: A few car breakdowns, getting lost in fields, coppers, getting separated, frustration and many many restaurants. Our most triumphant moment was staying at this beautiful log cabin somewhere in western ontario. We were afraid it would be expensive, but it was considerably cheaper than all the motels we had been to. During our stay here, Muffin, took a big dump and when she came out i said "wow, you smell terrible"! She protested. A natural gas leak had occurred at the same time. For those who don't know, additives are put into natural gas that make it smell horrible in case of a leak. That was scary for a moment, as we thought the place was about to explode. It didn't.

5 days later, Medicine Hat. It was a good feeling to finally be in Alberta. I was sad though, because i knew it meant i wouldn't see Muffin as much anymore, because we had our own things to tend to. I think our 9 day trip brought us a little closer. I definitely like her. She was a child, though, just emerging into adulthood - just like me. Now that we're all grown up, maybe i'll make the next step.

I got a job at Harvey's in SW Calgary. It was as terrible as any fast food job could be. My feet hurt, and I worked in the industrial park - picture angry factory workers on 30 minute breaks. I had a boss from hell. And it was only $6.50 an hour. Unlike New Brunswick, overtime in Alberta is accumulated in 3 different ways. A) Anything over 40 hours, B)Working more than 5 days a week, and C) anything more than 8 hours a day. The best case example is working 3 hours M-F, and then working 12 hours sun and sat, both being overtime, and some being double? I'm not entirely sure actually on that one - but i know it made up for my low low wage. Everyone says in conversations about out west: "working fast food, or at a convenience store pays like $13 an hour". No, it doesn't.

The job wasn't actually all that bad. The folks were awesome. Free grub, and I learned a lot of life lessons there. On the weekends I'd hang out with Muffin, and my internet friend, Sara. I met Sara through my online chatting days several years back. Meeting her for the first time was probably the most awkward thing ever to happen. Her mother was there (picture over-protective mom, watching over this kid who drove across Canada to see her, yeah). After we established i wasn't there to ravish her daughter, things were cool, and i quickly became a good friend - coming over for dinners and having sleepovers. No, seriously! Sara really liked me, imagine how pissed she was when i asked her best friend out on a date - behind her back. She recently got married - I think she's forgiven me.

4 other jobs, but not as detailed :PCollapse )

Sep. 23rd, 2009

ok, 3/3 updates in a row, not bad

must be a new record,

5 things that annoy the living shit out of me:

ONE) ok there's no rule ever about this, anywhere, but it just makes sense: when you're in a hall, walk on the right side, everyone opposing you will also walk on the right side - and the lion sleeps tonight. PLEASE, do NOT walk on the right side and then proceed to open the LEFT door. jesus, there are TWO doors! and on that same note.. there are TWO doors! both directions always stop at a doorwell and will then only use one door for both ways, PAY ATTENTION! ARRRGGGH!

TWO) please learn to spell. Definately, ganna, tommorow, are all incorrect. However i will admit i am very hypocritical of this, as i often hit the enter key regardless if it sentence makes any sense, but you have a Degree in ENGLISH! OMFG!!

THREE)on a personal note, i talk extremely fast. I am not nervous, and i am not doing it on purpose. That's *just* how fast I talk. Please stop with the "S L O W W W W               D O W W W W N" bit. I want to stab you mid W, and someday i will. BLARRRRG!

FOUR) "being polite is about making people feel comfortable, but all it's ever done is make them feel uncomfortable". I stole that verbatim from kmont, but that is EXACTLY how i feel, too. *SIGH*

FIVE) The dance bar. I really don't like to dance, but the rare occasions that i've drank enough to go, i LOVE to dance. But jesus, all you see there are douchebags with popped collars giving handshake-hugs to other dudes. I don't get intimidated easily, but these guys are INTIMIDATING. They just stand there trying to look all cool giving you dirty looks while you dance with their girl - and by that i mean the girl they're been eyeing all night.

Back to being polite - walking up the stairs / down the hall in a bar? I'll be polite enough to move a bit out of the way, but fucking christ, don't push me down the stairs! PAY ATTENTION!

I just want to dance, not look awesome. Kthxbai.

BONUS) just one more, i promise. are you paying cash at a store? don't throw your money at the cashier, and don't put your money down on the desk/table/whatever it's called and expect them to pick it up. there are NO circumstances where this is acceptable. have the decency to hand the money DIRECTLY to the cashier. doing so just makes the teller think you're an ass and is likely to place your voodoo doll in the microwave. back in my retail days i would return their change on the table. justice. sadly, i did not feel any better.. AAAAAARRRRRGGH!

thank you.
I am going to write in this blog, everyday. Even if i can only get cryptic one liners down. Starting now:

Tony: maybe it takes a person to date someone else to realize who they want
Signa: but that's not fair to you guys

what i should have said:
Tony: there's something going on here that's bigger than that.

what i really said:
Tony: you have a good point.


Sep. 19th, 2009

dear universe,

you win,
but you owe me.


Sep. 15th, 2009

I wish livejournal would autowrite itself.
Real update soon,
It's experimental.

Walking through the grocery store using an ipod makes me feel like i'm in a movie.


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